• “Our family was looking at homes and because Jack knew the area so well he helped us find the perfect home in only two days, His service was truly beyond the call of duty.”
    The Bennett Family

  • “Hi Jack! Anna here afriend of Jeff’s who came by the property today….I have been reviewing your analysis and underwriting on the property…I just had to say…you are amazing…..my current realtor can’t touch you!!! Amazing…just wanted to give you kudos…You rock!!!”
    Anna Z.

  • “I very much enjoyed working with you and will not hesitate to call you with my future real estate needs.”
    Dalia W.

  • “A good friend referred Jack to me to help find suitable multifamily investments in West LA and Santa Monica. Jack found several investment opportunities that met our objectives and he helped us navigate the competitive landscape to allow us to purchase two properties in a short amount of time. In each case, Jack’s involvement was critical in the contract negotiation, escrow and due diligence process. Jack took care of many of the details, allowing me to focus on my business. He demonstrated on many occasions that he put his customer’s interests ahead of his own. He continues to work with us on identifying new acquisition targets, as well as on the management of the existing assets. We consider Jack a member of our team, trust him implicitly and have recommended him to several of our friends and associates. ”
    Mitch C.

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Jack Turturici, Jr. on a real estate matter. Jack was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the transaction. I highly recommend utilizing his service to all of my real estate clients.”
    Daniel S. – Esquire

  • “Jack has asked that I provide a letter of recommendation, to what end I did not ask, nor do I need to as I know Jack to be an accomplished realtor, and what is not so fashionable here in Los Angeles, a good father and husband. I have had the opportunity to observe Jack in both capacities, personal and in business, and find him to be highly intelligent, with good integrity, attentive, and thorough in business, and a good family man, again not as fashionable and something that all take pride in today. I would highly recommend Jack in any business situation, and have done so, finding his work exemplary, and competent, and I will recommend him again when the opportunity arises. Anyone contemplating doing business with Jack can be assured that they will be dealing with someone diligent and dedicated to the task, and someone that can not only be depended upon, but has the insight and experience to lead his clients to the right decisions. Should anyone need further commentary, feel free in contacting me directly.”
    Peter M. – C.P.A.